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  /   Saturday January 10, 2004  

I’m beginning my Saturday morning by discussing another sore spot in the Church. However, there is hope, as the problem of high-school religion texts has been noted by the Archbishop of New Orleans. Of course, I’d be happier about this if I knew the bishops were planning to do something about these defects.

I’m planning to write an article on my web page about a similar topic. A number of faithful young adults will complain that the faith is not being taught. However, we may be at a loss to explain exactly what that means, and this article provides a helpful outline. I know one person who simply used the teaching on contraception as an example. While that is a prime example of the problem, it can lead a baby-boomer priest who doesn’t believe there is a problem to think that it is all about one issue. I even heard one priest talk about this scenario at a daily Mass homily with the response “What sin are you commiting that you want me to condemn?” I wish I had responded “That’s what I need you to tell me, Father!”

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