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  /   Saturday January 17, 2004  

The first-lady of Uganda told over 2000 youth to avoid the condom pushers. Here is the article.. She says blunty that teenagers do not need to have sex. This, I think, sums it all up:

She told the teens to ignore those who push condoms noting that companies which promote such products are after money.

I have never seen the data, but I can’t help but wonder how much of our “sex-education” in this country is funded by people who manufacture birth control pills and devices. I have long held a sneaking suspicion that they are behind that defeatist argument that “Teens will do it anyway.” Never mind the fact that many of those teens who “do it anyway” won’t use a condom. So, by that logic, we can’t push condoms either. Or better yet . . . . since whichever we push will be ignored, we might as well preach chastity since it is much more effective and isn’t something that adds one mortal sin to another.

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