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Why Doesn’t the World Stop

  /   Thursday February 26, 2004  

I’m a day late on this. As you know, yesterday was Ash Wednesday. We are now beginning the discipline of Lent. It’s our time to grow in holiness. We can use the penance of Lent to learn self-denial.

Yet, we can see how distant the world is from all that is happening. As I drove down Germantown Parkway on the way to Mass, I could see that business as usual was being conducted. Even the sex shop that I have the misfortune to pass going down the highway (and say a Hail Mary for their conversion) is just carrying on, helping people indulge in their slavery to sensual pleasures (Then again, did I really think they would observe Lent?).

I will see this again at the Easter Triduum. I will be at the high point of the whole year. Once again, I will be fasting on Good Friday. I will be eagerly awaiting the celebration of the Resurrection on Easter Vigil. Yet, in the world, it’s business as usual. They carry on as though nothing special were happening save for an opportunity to sell candy. Is anyone even aware that an important event in their eternal destiny is being celebrated?

It all shows that we have much work to do in the way of evangelization. We may be numb to the fact that the world around us conducts business as usual, but in truth it is very, very tragic. Perhaps we have lit our lamps and hidden them under a bowl for too long.

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