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The Passion

  /   Saturday February 28, 2004  

My parish rented out a theatre for a private showing of The Passion. The group leaders of the Frassati Society took the opportunity to reserve some tickets and give us a chance to get them. It is well worth seeing. I do want to take the time to give my impression of it.

You need to discuss it with other people who saw the movie. There are so many symbols depicted that it is nearly impossible to catch them all. When we went out to eat afterward, people at our table mentioned a number of things that I either didn’t notice or otherwise didn’t grasp.

Here’s a question: have you ever found yourself tempted to look at the sins of others and say “What a bunch of $@@#@#!!”? I felt that way towards the Romans who were beating Jesus with the whips and laughing about it. It took considerable effort to remember that those lashes and those nails were my sins. Interestingly enough, I didn’t feel the same way about the Jewish leaders. They at least weren’t laughing about Jesus’ pain. I maintain that the anti-Semitism charges are a crock.

The movie is very well done, and it gives a good impression of the horror of sin. The time flies by despite the fact that things don’t move very quickly in the movie. I think it’s a great way to begin Lent.

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