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  /   Wednesday March 03, 2004  

It appears that the robed masters on planet California decided that Catholic Charities must provide contraceptive coverage with their prescription insurance. This may have greater implications than one would think. No matter how much good work they may be doing, they cannot do something objectively evil in order to continue it. In other words, they could very well just shut down. Then again, I don’t really expect a Catholic agency in California to obey the Church’s teachings.

Even without considering the sinfulness of contraception, it makes little sense from an insurance standpoint. The purpose of insurance is to protect someone from an unplanned loss. Contraception, being a lifestyle choice, is not really an unplanned expense. Pregnancy may be an unplanned expense, but insurance will cover the medical expenses. Anyway, everyone ends up paying for this in higher premiums, and I for one don’t want to pay for someone to have contraceptive intercourse.

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