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Hooray for Congress

  /   Saturday March 27, 2004  

I’m glad that at least enough of the Senate had the common sense to get a bill passed recognizing that harming the unborn child of a pregnant woman is a criminal offence in itself. Maybe this is a stretch, but without this kind of law there is the possibility of a crime that caused an unborn child to die but nothing else to go unpunished by some weirdo judge. This would be a most unusual scenario, but stranger things happen in our courts these days. Of course, this law only applies to events that occur during the commission of a federal crime.

The sad part of this is twofold:

1. The New York Times keeps calling the unborn child a “fetus.” This sidebar even says “Senate Approves Fetus Bill.” While this may be the scientifically correct term, it is often used in such publications such as the New York Times (which is not a scientific publication) as a means to objectify the unborn child to rationalize killing it. Can you imaging a happily pregnant woman telling you that “My fetus is kicking!!!”? Every pregnant woman I have ever met refers to her unborn child as “the baby” or “my baby” if not by the child’s name.

2. Why do we have people, including a presidential candidate, who think that abortion is such a precious right that anything that comes with 12,000 miles of it must be stopped. This is outrageous!

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