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Pro-Life Bill for Pharmacists

  /   Saturday April 03, 2004  

Kudos to those individuals in the Ohio State Legistlature who are proposing a bill making it illegal to fire a pharmacist for refusing to dispense abortifacient medications. I hope this bill passes. I hope it is also upheld by the courts.

However, I have to wonder what people are smoking when they say things like this line (that I heard in pharmacy school and residency):

“We don’t object to individuals exercising their beliefs, as long as it doesn’t affect a woman’s access,” Kellie Copeland, Executive Director of the Ohio branch of the pro-abortion group NARAL told the newspaper.

“These pharmacies do have an obligation to provide this legal medical care,” Copeland said.

Says who? Where does this obligation come from? I remember being told by a professor that “your professional obligation comes before your personal obligation.” Just what is the source of this professional obligation that supposedly supercedes the laws of God? I think I’d rather shirk my “professional obligation” that spend eternity burning in Hell.

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