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  /   Saturday April 10, 2004  

Time Magazine posted some responses to the question “What does the death of Jesus mean today?” (as though it can change throughout time). We have responses ranging from understanding to sad misinformation. This goes to show us that the work of evangelization is not done.

The meaning of the crucifixion is not a matter of opinion or of some people’s “religious beliefs”. We know this because of the resurrection that follows. This is an event that either happened or did not. It is impossible that Jesus rose from the dead but did not rise from the dead at the same time. The evidence is well-known from the testimony of the Gospel writers to the testimony of those who allowed themselves to be executed because they believed in him. While we have had some suicide cults today, none have died long after their leader had physically left them, nor were they executed by the state.

Our God was so intent on restoring the relationship between us and himself that he came down and took on human flesh, which he still has. He allowed himself to be beaten, mocked, tortured, and crucified by his own. In so doing, he payed the debt that our sins have created. He bridged the gap between us and him that is caused by sin. He made the atonement that we sinful creatures are incapable of making. This is what the death of Our Lord means, yesterday, today, and forever.

Some of the statements on the linked-to page suggest that focus on Jesus Christ blinds us to things happening now. However, all things now happening will ultimately end. I am all for helping the poor and needy, but no matter what we do for them, they will not live forever. We must also bring them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which has eternal significance. His Kingdom will last forever.

In the question that is posed, it asks how this relates to all the world’s religions, as though they were all equal. I know full well that at least part of the truth is in most, if not all, religions. However, if God the Son took on flesh and died for our sins, he is not just another option. He is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Indeed, though some who do not believe in him may be saved, all who are saved are saved only through him and through his Church.

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