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  /   Saturday May 01, 2004  

After devoting several evenings to working on the layout for a newsletter for the Frassati Society, it’s finally done. I don’t even have the link on the site yet because I’m having to make an adjustment to the site to fit it in. I’m inviting any of my blog readers to take a look by the link below.

Frassati Society News (approx 180 K PDF file)

In case you are wondering, I wrote all the stuff in those tan boxes and the schedule information. I’m not much of a marketing dude, but I did my best. I also wrote the article entitled Penance: It’s Not Just for Lent. The rest of the newsletter was written by volunteers. By the way, I’m the second person from the left in that picture on the front page.

I got the articles and did the layout using Adobe InDesign CS. It was a choice between using that and my copy of the older QuarkXPress 4.1 (the software that most newspapers and magazines you buy today are made with). I’ve found that InDesign has far superior tools for graphical layout, even though QuarkXPress runs a bit faster.

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