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Emergency! A Woman Wants an Abortion

  /   Wednesday May 12, 2004  

Here is a sad story in which a woman was fired from her job as an EMT because she wouldn’t transport a woman to an abortion clinic. When she refused, they called another team to do the job. The EMT sued.

I hope this EMT wins. For starters, if what little law I know serves me right, the employer must show an undue hardship in order to not accomodate a person’s beliefs. In this case, the employer called out another team, so it would be difficult to justify this. Of course, this doesn’t mean that some judge with no real regard for the law or anything other than his/her own feelings won’t go ahead and rule in favor of the employee.

Legal stuff aside, though, this is a misuse of an emergency service. The EMT could have been off saving someone’s life but instead was told to go take someone to have an abortion. Abortion is not a life-saving emergency but a life-destroying work of evil.

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