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  /   Saturday May 15, 2004  

Finally, we are seeing some bishops stand up and say that politicians who are pro-abortion must to receive the Holy Eucharist. Bishop Sheridan of Colorado Springs even went so far as to say that the citizens who voted for the politicians must not receive. All of these are applaudable.

Sadly, the bishops are not standing in unison as they should be on this. Cardinal George has, to the best of my knowledge, determined that he would not refuse the Eucharist to pro-aborts who presented themselves. Cardinal McCarrick has chosen to entrust this issue to a task force (WARNING: the file is a 700 K PDF of the newspaper of my home diocese) that will, per page 11 of that newspaper, not be expected to finish its work until after the November elections. Forgive me if I sound cynical, but I really think that 1) this task force will be seriously stacked in favor of the pro-aborts and 2) burying the issue in this task force is a convenient way to avoid confronting an issue to which the resolution should be really, really obvious. As a side note, check out that confusing article in the same link (look to the right of the file) by Fr. Brian Jordan, OFM, who makes the error of assuming all positions and statements by members of the hierarchy are equally binding and are of equal gravity.

While many politicians have thumbed their nose at the statements made by bishops. there has been a report that Gov. McGreevey of New Jersey would refrain from Communion and that Sen. Kenny of the state’s senate would leave the Church entirely. On the one hand, if they refuse to repent of support of moral evils, this is the honest thing to do. You cannot pretend to be Catholic while actively and publicly advocating moral evil. However, there is more to the story than refraining from Communion.

If one is unable to receive the Eucharist, then one is separated, in one way or another, from Christ and his Church. Dying in this state results in eternal damnation. These politicians need to refrain from receiving the Eucharist until they repent, but they really need to repent. Their souls are in danger. No bishop can just say “There! I took care of those derelicts!” He must continue to urge them to repentance, witholding the Eucharist until repentance to avoid desecration of the Body and Blood of Christ.

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