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  /   Saturday May 22, 2004  

I heard about this on the Catholic Answers forum, but now here is an article. Apparently, our congressmen (including some who are pro-life) have decided that the Church should stay out of “partisan politics” by stating that a politician should not be denied the Eucharist on the basis of voting record.

But wait, there’s more . . . . these guys claim that anti-Catholic bigotry will return if the politicians are refused Communion. Nevermind the fact that it never left. Nevermind the fact that Jesus plainly said that “if the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.” Anti-Catholic bigotry plainly exists. If it didn’t, why would politicians see a need to divorce their faith from their public life.

If the bishops were to conform to the statements of these politicians, one would have to accept one of two absurdities:

1. The Church, and therefore Christ himself, is subject to the laws and constitution, or even the culture, of the United States.

2. One can avoid any Church teaching he finds inconvenient by declaring it to be “partisan politics” or by declaring it to be some kind of area into which the Church should not tread. Oh wait, we already do this. Don’t we say that the Church should stay out of our bedroom, our business, and any other place where we decide we should to what we darn well please. Ah, but this is what Jesus condemned the Pharisees for in Matthew 15:5-6. They created a loophole in God’s law that allowed one to avoid honoring one’s father or mother by saying that anything that would have helped them is dedicated to God.

Of course, they can’t go without introducing the red herring of the war in Iraq. While the Just War Doctrine is indeed church teaching, the Pope’s opinion on the application of it is just that – his opinion. This is not so with abortion. The teaching against abortion is the consistent teaching of the Church, and abortion is intrinsically evil. Direct abortion is sinful in any and all circumstances regardless of whether one does or does not believe it.

We must pray that our leader’s hearts will not be so hard against the truth. Their duty to God is greater than their duty to their constituents.

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