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Political Apologetics, Part II

  /   Wednesday June 02, 2004  

Those women are choosing to have abortions. Those war vicitims have no choice

Those women may be choosing to have abortions, but their innocent victims, killed in the womb, did not choose to die. Many women are pressured into abortions by family or even the father of the child. If it’s illegal, then we can stop this injustice, or at least greatly reduce it.

[Insert set of pro-life politicians here] aren’t really going to do anything about abortion.

This may be true. However, I guarantee you that not doing anything is better than what the pro-aborts will do. John Kerry interrupted his campaign and flew into Washington D.C. to vote against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. Pro-life politicians did not do this and would not. While the pro-life politicians may only be able to have limited effect against abotion until Roe vs. Wade is overturned, there is definitely more damage that the pro-aborts can do. President Bush cut federal funding of abortion. I don’t think Kerry, or anyone else running, will keep that policy in force. I regret that more hasn’t been done, but electing a pro-abort will definitely do damage to what has been accomplished.

Look at how many people are being killed in the war in Iraq.

I know of no reason to believe anything other than the fact that our armed forces are taking precautions not to harm civilians. The deaths in Iraq pale in comparison to the number of abortions that have taken place in the same period of time.

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