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  /   Friday June 18, 2004  

If you are reading this, then you have found my new blog home. This blog is generated by an application that I developed using Cold Fusion. Thankfully, Macromedia provides a free version for development, and I found a host that will host the live site for a reasonable price. In the next few weeks, I plan to redesign the rest of my web page.

Please note that I have a new address here. There is a redirect on the old address to prevent people from getting lost, but please update your links to:


You probably noticed the new look of the blog. I have most of the features from the old blog in place. I decided to drop the “Best of This Blog” for now because I never kept it up. The category archive will not likely return here at all. The only thing that I am wanting to restore is my XML feed. This server uses Coldfusion MX, which has built in XML features. I just have to figure out how to use them, and I’ll be all set.

One thing that I have not decided is what to do about spam protection. One reason for getting away from Moveable Type was the fact that my comment boxes were the subject of frequent postings by spammers. I want to have an open comments section for legitimate users, but I’m afraid that the spammers will find me sooner or later. I may have to implement a system where I have to approve all comments; the ability to do that is already implemented in the database. I may also decide to have commenters verify that they are real people by sending an e-mail with confirmation information.

Feel free to e-mail me and tell me your preference. I’m partial to the idea of you having to get an e-mail, click a link in the e-mail, and activate your comment. The reason for this is that:

1. The mail service on this blog appears to work instantaneously.
2. It would mean that you don’t have to rely on me to approve your comment.
3. Most spammers don’t include their real e-mail address, so they would be effectively stopped.
4. If someone other than you decided to post a comment using your name and e-mail, you would find out about it when you got the e-mail. You could then notify me to stop the comment from being made public.

By the way, I have implemented invisible e-mail addresses for my comments section. Your address is required to post a comment, but it will not be displayed with your comment. It will be in the database for retrieval by no one but myself. I won’t sell or give away your address. I hate spam, too.

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