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  /   Sunday June 27, 2004  

I am waiting for someone to invent “low-carb sugar.” They might as well. I’ve heard rumors that someone is coming up with low-carb pasta, but this really seems like a contradiction in terms. Even stores are opening up on this craze. I wonder how long it will last. Maybe it will turn out to have been a real breakthrough. Maybe it won’t. The low-carb thing seems to be difficult to stick to.

I’m not on any of those diets (maybe I should be), but I decided to try the new C-2 Coca Cola. It’s supposed to have half the sugar of regular cola. To tell you the truth, it tastes kind of like Diet Coke. This could be because it contains aspartame, just like Diet Coke does. Why not just drink Diet Coke if you are going to drink this stuff?

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