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Viewpoint Discrimination

  /   Wednesday June 30, 2004  

Pro-life obstetrician W. David Hager has been re-appointed to an FDA advisory panel. Planned Parenthood welcomed the appointment as a chance for people of diverging viewpoints to share and discuss their views on the issues in hopes of arriving at a general consensus. It is thought that through debate and discussion, all might benefit.

No, wait, that’s not quite what happened. If a pro-abort had been denied an appointment, we would have heard every cooky liberal group come out of the woodwork to decry this “viewpoint discrimination” and cry out about the need for “diverging views on this controversial issue” to be represented. Put a pro-life doctor in the office, and suddenly he’s got an “ideological agenda” which “compromises the scientific integrity of the FDA.” In other words, you aren’t a good scientist unless you think killing babies is an okay thing.

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