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The Nerve of Some People

  /   Thursday July 01, 2004  

Nick Bradbury writes about people who steal his software and then contact him for technical support. I can hardly believe the nerve of some people. One would think that, if one were stealing software, one would not want the author to know about it. It’s kind of like the people in my home town who stole some band instruments from the high school and then took them to the pawn shop downtown to sell them (in a small town). Do you think they got away with that?

Stealing is stealing, whether it be a physical item or an electronic item like software. If you don’t want to pay the asking price, don’t buy it. I can tell you that Nick Bradbury’s software is worth the price. I use FeedDemon to look at fellow Catholic blog feeds, and all of the style sheets on my sites (both my personal site and Frassati Society were created using TopStyle.

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