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  /   Saturday July 10, 2004  

The list of bishops standing with courage for the faith is growing. We are seeing more bishops joining the ranks of those who state that pro-aborts need not present themselves for Communion. Even one bishop (Bishop Pilla) who has stated his refusal to deny Communion to pro-aborts at least says that such people should be aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Granted, you may not believe that this goes far enough. I don’t. For those who support abortion, the Eucharist is not a source of grace but a ticket to Hell. I have no doubt in my mind that public pro-aborts should not only voluntarily refrain from receiving, but they should be denied if they present themselves.

With that being said, I am still grateful for what is going on so far. Little by little, the bishops of our country are realizing their duty to preach the Gospel and to rule over their dioceses. This is still a major change from the past three decades. We must support these bishops for the stand they are taking and encourage them and pray for them to take a stronger stand. If we don’t, the pro-aborts will back them into a corner, and who knows if they’ll have the strength to fight?

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