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We are Safe Now, I Hope

  /   Tuesday July 13, 2004  

Okay, now that I am safe here, I will tell you what I was up to. My new host was showing itself to be extremely flaky. I’m suspect that I was sent a few e-mails that I never received. I e-mailed people whom I feel pretty certain would have answered me. My mail services on the web pages worked sporadically if at all. My Cold Fusion pages took forever to serve.

The last straw was when the Frassati Society and my site both went down twice in one day on a Sunday. I decided that it was time to try another host. I found one that has been in business for a number of years and appears to serve sites well. I hope it works because I am tired of the headaches. I do not want to move the site again.

The only downside of the new host is that they do not support Cold Fusion. Because of this, I had to rewrite my blog in ASP. It was actually the easiest language I have ever written in except for the database queries. My administrative panel for the blog is still in Cold Fusion, so it has to stay on my local host until I get something else written. This means that my XML feed may not get updated as much as I’d like for a while. Oh well, at least this appears to work.

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