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Save Christmas . . . . in July

  /   Saturday July 17, 2004  

A couple days after Christmas this past year, I posted this about the saying “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings.” Praised be to God that I am not alone. At the urging of Jimmy Akin, I’m blogging this article.

Manuel Zammarano has formed the Committee to Save Merry Christmas, presumably from the P.C. Gestapo. His group is boycotting Federated Department Stores because they have given in to the Gestapo on grounds of the cultural diversity of our nation. Well, given that there is no Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s in Memphis, this will be an easy boycott for me. On another note, I’m glad that they got this started early because the retailers will be started very soon.

Those who read this blog last Christmas may remember that I hate and despise any attempt at stripping references to Christ in our culture, but especially during Easter and Christmas. I can’t stand seeing people (even supposedly Catholic publications) using BCE and CE instead of BC and AD to measure the years. However, changing Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays is even more repugnant because the birth of Our Lord is the obvious reason for celebration that day. If you don’t like it, you aren’t obligated to celebrate (even though you will likely be off work). Please don’t pretend to celebrate by censoring the name of the holiday.

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