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Why We Oppose Sin?

  /   Monday July 19, 2004  

I’ve been waiting for time to blog this article. The author writes about perspectives that will and won’t work when confronting the issue of same-sex attraction. No matter how sympathetic one may be, it will not do any good for people with the disorder (and it is a disorder) to allow them to pretend that the gay lifestyle is acceptable.

Many view Christians as people with a holier-than-thou attitude. Some Christians do have this attitude for varying reasons. Christians are also accused of not being compassionate towards homosexuals. It’s as though the most “compassionate” thing is to let people do what they want.

The truth is that any Christian who truly loves God and neighbor wants to see not destruction but repentance. Sin destroys people, both in this life and the next. Although some people have numbed themselves to it, I’ll bet that anyone living in any state of sin is aware that something is wrong. When society decides to condone their behavior, we are only giving them cause to bottle it up inside.

I think I’ve mentioned this one before, but can you imagine what life is like for a woman who feels guilt and shame over her abortion while everyone around her doesn’t want to hear it. After all, they think it was okay to do what she did. This could also apply to homosexuals who are aware something is wrong, but everyone around them condones their behavior. It stays inside, and there is nowhere to turn. These are not cases where society has made them feel guilty because the society they live in condones their actions.

By not condoning one’s sin, we are giving them the opportunity to get it out. They can change. Life can be better, and in eternity the benefits are enormous. This is how we can hate one’s sin and love the sinner.

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