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Steubenville – Day Three

  /   Sunday July 25, 2004  

Today was the third and final day of the conference. It started off with a conversion story. Unfortunately, I forgot the guy’s name. He was good, though. He was a classmate of Scott Hahn’s in the Calvinist seminary. Rosalind Moss gave the last talk. It was pretty good, but it was kind of hard to tell you what exactly it was about. Maybe it will be clearer when I get the CD set that I ordered. I always get more out of the second time around.

The closing Mass was celebrated by Fr. Michael Scanlan. He gave him homily on prayer and ways to pray. He suggested a way to holiness that consists of five minutes each day of listening to God, and then doing what he says.

They usually take time to talk about the pre-theologate program here. Fr. Scanlan told us about the differences between men and women looking at consecrated life. A man goes in to the pre-theologate saying he is going to be a priest, but often Fr. Scanlan will get his wedding invitation later. A woman shows up with her letter of acceptance to the convent saying she is still discerning.

I’m going to hang around and pray and take pictures of the area. Hopefully, I’ll be back in Memphis tonight, and I can provide more reflections. I’m just praying that all my stuff and the stuff I bought fit in my luggage. It’s the greatest challenge of the conference for me.

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