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Women Are Not Interested

  /   Tuesday July 27, 2004  

Interesting, very interesting . . . .

The feminazis are out crusading to defend the precious “right” of every woman to murder her unborn child in the womb. Are the “women voters” (whomever they may be talking about) really interested? Are they really worried that this precious “right” will be taken from them?

Well, apparently they are not. In fact, the pro-aborts themselves are admitting it. One pro-abort organization took a poll that revealed that 51% of women oppose most or all abortions.

Are you surprised? I’m not really . . . . it’s just part of the trend that I’ve been gratefully observing. It’s kind of like all of those people trying to make the Church “relevant.” No one is really interested in what they are doing. Abortion just isn’t an appealing prospect for women of good sense anymore than false teaching is an appealing prospect for Catholics with good sense. Pray that people will continue to not listen to the pro-aborts and not support their cause. Then, we need only to present them with the Gospel truth if they do not already know it.

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