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Et Tu, Alabama?

  /   Wednesday August 04, 2004  

One expects this to happen in New York or on planet California, but not in Alabama. The state health department is requiring their nurses to distribute the morning-after pill. The result has been the resignation of eleven nurses and fifty requests for transfer. They were hiding behind a supposed federal mandate, but it is now clear that there is none. Instead, we get the following drivel . . .

“It’s excellent public health policy,” Miller said. “We have a rock-solid reason to do it. It’s a good thing to do for the low-income women of this state. Other women already have access to it.”

Excellent public health policy my rear end!! Let’s see, we’re killing newly conceived children and possibly facillitating the increase in sexually transmitted diseases. Yeah, sure this is “excellent public health policy.”

Hmmm, I don’t know what they said to nurses opposed to this, but if they told them not to “impose their values on other people,” (as I’ve often heard) how ironic would this be? I guess if you’re a health care professional, then you can be imposed upon any way someone wants. When I read this stuff, I get the impression that I should be planning for the day in which I can no longer in good conscience practice pharmacy under the laws of this country. I dread the very thought of that day because it will mean that the only people who are working in health care are those who have absolutely no regard for the sanctity of life.

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