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Has Scandal Come to Memphis?

  /   Sunday August 08, 2004  

A scandal story broke in our local paper. It’s really bad because the story broke the same day as the diaconate ordination and in the same church where the ordination took place. I’m just glad that I didn’t run into the press there. I hope they weren’t there, but I can’t be for sure.

If true, I cannot find the words to describe it. Many of us throughout the diocese are a close-knit group. It amazes me that anything like this gets through without it being known widely throughout the diocese. We are a small group of Catholics mostly, but not entirely, concentrated in one relatively small metro area. We have no shortage of people who are eager to report everything they find.

Only upon the revelation of more information will we know if it is true or not. To the wags in the Church, keep in mind that there still exists the possibility that this entire episode may not be true. All I know of now are an allegation or a lawsuit. It is complicated by the fact that the priest in question has left the country. I’m sure it will be found out whether this was done before or after our diocese had a chance to act. Both the pastor of this parish at the time and the current pastor are very solid priests. I will give all involved the benefit of the doubt until there is evidence to the contrary, but I will not do so any longer than this.

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