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  /   Sunday August 08, 2004  

This evening, I spent my weekly hour at a local Perpetual Adoration chapel. While I was there, I have exercised my new tendency to open my mouth and say what I should say, but perhaps too abruptly. Being at the Defending the Faith conference really helped to instill in me that I shouldn’t be afraid to speak the truth.

A gentleman came up to me to tell me he had been to Mass this morning at the local church affiliated with the Society of St. Pius X. The first thing that came out of my mouth was that the church wasn’t approved by the diocese. I think I also mentioned schism. He told me that he needed to get something to “enlighten” me. You see, that Novus Ordo that is celebrated was instituted by some Protestant ministers and Jewish rabbis telling the Pope how to run the Church.

Oh well, I’ve heard all of this stuff before in one form or another. I have heard that it was the Masons who ran Vatican II and established the current rite. I’ve heard people say that they dummied-down the Mass to appease Protestants. Where do these people get these ideas? I think I know. Someone makes them up.

I do believe that dissentors on the right are in as much danger as dissentors on the left. They both decided that they want the Church run their way; they just differ in the actual content of that. While the left desacralizes, the right illicitly (and sometimes invalidly, depending on the Sacrament) celebrates. The only difference is that I don’t think that the dissent on the right is dying quite the way dissent on the left is. With all that is going on in the Church now, fuel is added to the fire on the right.

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