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  /   Sunday September 12, 2004  

An Index of Forbidden Words has been posted by Jeff Culbreath and Dale Price. These are the terms that should throw red flags when you hear them used by a supposedly Catholic speaker. However, they left an important word out. That word is “complex.”

Sometimes you hear this word as “very complex” or even “often misunderstood.” How do you see this? Find a local “liturgist” who doesn’t stick to the Liturgy. Then, show the appropriate citation from the GIRM. You will be told that Liturgy is very “complex” or that the texts are “often misunderstood.” Try this same thing with someone teaching heterodox morality. Show them the Catechism, and you will be told that these things are very “complex.”

In other words, you have to buy their books or go get a Ph.D. in order to even have the slightest grasps of any aspect of the Catholic Faith. Nah, that’s too difficult, so just do what they tell you to. They act as though they are so enlightened when what they really are is disobedient. Many may be so enlightened that they have no idea they are disobedient. As Cardinal Arinze once said “They don’t know that they don’t know.”

By the way, I agree with Dale Price’s dissent on a couple of Culbreath’s words, especially “universal call to holiness” and “abundant life.” While “abundant life” may be used by some people in left-field, it has an orthodox meaning as well. Also, rarely have I heard dissenters concern themselves with personal holiness. My experience has been that statements on the “universal call to holiness” have been more the product of Franciscan University of Steubenville than any dissenting organization. The dissenters are usually more concerned with misguided notions of justice.

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