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Personally Opposed . . . But, One More Time

  /   Sunday September 19, 2004  

Dennis has posted about the unworkable nature of the “personally opposed . . . but” argument. After all, can one imagine Hitler saying that he was personally opposed to the slaughter of the Jews, but he can’t let his religious beliefs stand in the way of doing what he thought was “right for the country.” (Word to anyone looking for trouble: I, and nearly anyone who reads this blog knows that indeed what Hitler did was DEAD WRONG.). Few would argue in favor of that mass extermination of lives, but yet another mass killing happens right around us, one unborn child at a time, and few people give the east end of a west-bound rat about it.

Further, how can one be only personally opposed to a true evil? There are things that I personally wouldn’t do but wouldn’t tell others not to. However, those acts are not evil. If an act is evil, it remains evil whether someone else believes it or not. If something is only a matter of my personal preference, then I have no right to call it anything else but my preference.

Can you imagine the reaction of some of those same proponents of the “personally opposed . . . but theory” to any of the following had they happened:

Sadly, the logic of this is not likely to convince those who have set their hearts against the truth. Fr. Dave Pivonka, in his CD-set entitled Generation Why?, reminds us that one attribute of our generation is that we are not self-reflective. We do things based on what feels good to us rather than objective judgment.

Another thing that Fr. Pivonka mentions is how we have become desensitized to abortion. The reason the three above statements (or Dennis’ analogy) would outrage people today is that we can see the harm in them. There are many who really can’t see that abortion is the destruction of innocent life. There are still others who may understand that life is being destroyed but don’t see that it is really significant. This is true because the unborn have no voice of their own. This is why Christians everywhere must be their voice and champion their cause.

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