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Liturgy of the Hours

  /   Monday September 27, 2004  

Yesterday, I gave a talk on the Liturgy of the Hours to the Frassati Society. It went better than expected given how vague the history was. The morning before the talk, I was reminded by a priest that the Liturgy of the Hours is second only to the Mass in dignity. Such makes me wonder how I managed to be Catholic for eight years without ever having heard of it. I was baptized in 1991 and first learned of the existence of the prayer in 1999. I was not alone.

The aforementioned priest helped me to think of the psamls that we pray in the Liturgy of the Hours in a new way. It is the prayer of the whole Church. Something in a Psalm may not apply to me, but it most certainly applies to someone in the Church. I am grateful for this insight.

After talking about it, we prayed Evening Prayer. It went well, especially given that it was the first time that many of them had prayed it. We also prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet, one of my favorite devotions.

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