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Single-Issue Voters

  /   Sunday October 31, 2004  

As the election day approaches, I want to rant share a few thoughts.

We have a lot of people who have weighed in on the election saying that organizations like Catholic Answers and their voting guide advocate “single-issue voting.” This argument is not true, and it wouldn’t have a lot of merit if it were. Really, we just see some issues as of paramount importance.

With that being said, we do have an obligation to care for the poor and to work towards ensuring people are able to have a roof over their heads, a means to support their families, and affordable health care. These things are really important. We know this.

However, why do we believe this? We believe this because human beings are not disposable objects. This is so whether they have been born or not, even if they are only tiny embyros. All of the rights and the “other issues” must have their basis in the sanctity of human life. By realizing our moral obligation to allow people their unalienable right to life, we force ourselves to deal with those other questions.

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