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The Killing of the Innocent

  /   Sunday March 20, 2005  

By now, anyone who reads this blog probably already knows that Terry Schiavo’s feeding tube has been removed. To make matters worse, it was done in defiance of a subpoena issued by Congress. Supposedly, just like Terri’s law passed in Florida, it violates the “separation of powers.” Hello, robed wizard, did it ever occur to you that the people don’t want you to have unrestrained power, either? Your job is to interpret the laws. If your interpretation doesn’t come as intended, then the legislature has the right to change the laws to have them read as needed.

I hope that Judge Greer is impeached for this one. In fact, being a resident of Tennessee, I wrote Senator Frist asking that he work to have this done (as well as get the necessary bill through Congress to get Ms. Schiavo’s feeding tube reinserted). This is a clear abuse of power. Despite what the editors at the New York Times think, the court decisions handed down could hardly be described as “careful decisions.” Look at the conflicts of interest in the case of her husband. The man is living with another woman by whom he has had two children. For whatever reason that I cannot judge, Judge George Greer has chosen to ignore these and to become a party to this murder. It obviously had his effect, because he has withdrawn his membership in his church. I sincerely hope he repents before he dies.

Let’s not also forget the media distortion surrounding this case. The above linked-to editorial says that Ms. Schiavo is in a “persistent vegitative state.” This just isn’t so. Although she hasn’t and probably never will fully recover, she is able to respond to stimuli. They are painting this entire legislative battle in Congress as nothing but an attempt to gain political support for their ambitions.

Better yet, let’s look at this little gem of a quote concerning Congressional Democrats:

They pointed to public opinion polls that show support for Mr. Schiavo’s right to decide his wife’s fate, but they also fear the power of the mobilized right.

Oh, yeah, let’s decide someone’s right to life on the basis of an opinion poll. Nevermind the misinformation that is out there. I have yet to see a secular media report on the other woman that Mr. Schiavo is living with. I’ve also not seen them make a report on the Schindler’s side of the story. As Fr. Rob Johansen can testify, the Schindler’s are very well aware of their daughter’s condition and the fact that she will never fully recover. However, this is their daughter. They know that life is sacred, and this is what they are fighting for.

Ok, this has turned into one long rant. However, this is really far more important than any family dispute. This has the potential to set a long-standing precedent in the rights of the disabled. Our country has already taken away the rights of the unborn. If we continue in the direction we are going, we will soon truly have a Culture of Death in our society. Let us pray that this can be stopped by the decent people in our nation.

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