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How Much Longer?

  /   Thursday March 24, 2005  

Today, as I sit waiting for time to go to Holy Thursday Mass, I am reminded of something from the Bible Timeline Seminar that I participate in. We just finished the book of Joshua at our last session. If you have read it, you’ll no doubt remember that many cities were under the ban. The Isrealites were ordered to destroy everyone and everything.

Many modern people, including a couple that I have read from, insist that God didn’t really tell the Isrealites to do this. However, Jeff Cavins shows us how God gave these people several generations to repent of their evil. Even when they saw how God helped the Isrealites, they were still too stubborn to repent. Their wickedness had gotten so great that God finally had to say”enough.”

Cavins reminded us that we are in danger of this here. We allow unborn babies to be murdered in the womb. Now, our judicial system is condemning an innocent woman to death by starvation and dehydration. Make no mistake! On Judgment Day, there will be no hiding behind the U.S. Constitution or any other law.

How long will the Lord put up with us? The time may come for us and our nation. A few years ago, you would never have heard me talk like this. Now, somehow I think that this may well be the reality that we must face.

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