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Communion Denied

  /   Sunday March 27, 2005  

While I, and I hope a lot of you, have a really good Easter planned, let us not forget the continued suffering of Terri Schiavo. Now, Michael Schiavo is even denying her Viaticum. I hope the Schindler’s win this one, but so far the Florida courts haven’t been too accomodating. Besides, if she could swallow the Communion, then their false, and therefore unjust, judgment would be exposed. While I don’t know their hearts to know their true motives, it’s hard for me to imagine that this isn’t at least in the back of their minds.

On another note, it looks like someone has already attempted to resort to violence. The Schindlers have requested that people remain civil, but some dude put a bounty on the head of Michael Schiavo and an unnamed judge. Look dude, we can’t defend life by making death threats. It just won’t work. The only thing that you are going to accomplish is to discredit the cause. The final judgment is God’s job, and he will do it. Barring repentance, which will become more difficult as they continue to dirty their hands more and more with Terri’s blood, God’s judgment will be on the judges, lawyers, and other parties to this murder. We need not take it into our own hands. God may be desparately trying to give them a chance to repent, and if we interfere, we have even more than their blood on our hands.

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