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Culture of Death Wins . . . For Now

  /   Thursday March 31, 2005  

By now, you probably have already seen or read that Terri Schiavo passed away this morning. She was subjected to a form of killing that would not survive the courts were it applied to a notorious criminal. She was tried and executed only for being disabled and unable to speak for herself. She was murdered at the hands of the one who had promised to love and cherish her all the days of her life, with the help of a lawyer and judges who displayed horrific judicial arrogance (Hello, our legislature sure does have the right to pass new laws if what comes out in the courts is unsatisfactory.).

This is a sad chapter in American history. This goes beyond the Nancy Cruzan case. At least in the Cruzan case, the family agreed upon her wishes. In this case, they didn’t, and the judges all presumed in favor of death. They did this despite the fact that Michael Schiavo was actively living in an objective state of adultery. This shows that the Culture of Death has really taken root.

However, the battle is not over. We know that somehow, God wins. Let us just hope that it is by our repentance, not our destruction that he wins. Let this be the wake-up call for a need for judicial reform. The last thing we need is a nation ruled by judges and lawyers. We must restore needed checks and balances on judicial power. The courts have been arrogating to themselves more and more power over the years. This must stop.

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