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  /   Saturday June 25, 2005  

I just got this weeks edition of our diocesean newspaper, The West Tennessee Catholic. Take a look at this. First, you see the picture of our seminarians. This is good and well, as all of them are orthodox. So, at least there is hope for the future.

However, right below, you will see a picture of Fr. John Atkinson standing with the “Liturgical Movement Group.” Just what in the heck is that? Judging by the apparent age of the participants, I have a feeling this isn’t a group of people trying to assist in the restoration of the Sacred Liturgy. Interestingly enough, two very orthodox priests were appointed to succeed him in that parish, so this will likely end soon.

It gets worse, unfortunately. Here is an article on the new ministry to gays and lesbians. According to the article “The basis for these diocesan ministries with gay and lesbian Catholics is as basic as our baptism.” What?!? I might believe that if the article had mentioned supporting them in a call to chastity rather than a vague goal to “reflect on Church teaching and pastoral practice.” After all, this could imply anything from a call to chastity to talking about how the “oppressive” teaching “alienates” them. That said, I feel that I was quite right in discerning that I needed to write this letter.

It seems as though our diocese has not been too forthcoming, and given some events that have happened over the last year, I am at a point where I cannot give them the benefit of the doubt. I wish it were not so.

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