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  /   Sunday July 24, 2005  

I kind of wonder if I’m already having a mid-life crisis. This past Friday evening, I bought two new toys. One of them is a 250 GB external hard drive. With all the media that I have been working with, my 40 GB internal laptop hard drive was getting a bit too crowded.

However, the more interesting toy is my new DVD-RW drive. I wanted a faster drive, and I wanted a second drive that I could copy stuff to. It just so happens that Costco had two great choices at great prices. I picked the HP dvd640 because it was a bit cheaper but had LightScribe. If you haven’t heard, LightScribe is a technology that allows you to use the laser of the drive to write a monochrome image directly on to the disc for use as a label. The results are very nice for grayscale, but I found out that there is one drawback. It took the darn thing 23 minutes to write one disc label. I hope they make these faster in the future. To make matters worse, I found that if I try to burn (not write labels for) two discs in succession, the second one will be a coaster. I did this with one disc that I had already spent 23 minutes writing the label on, and that hurt. I’ll have to take a trip to Office Depot tomorrow to get me some more LightScribe discs.

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