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Yet Another Firing

  /   Saturday August 06, 2005  

I thought it was bad enough to see that Allstate had fired an employee for writing against gay marriage. Now, I’ve seen worse. According to LifeSite News, the Red Cross fired an employee for voicing objections to Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. There is no doubt that many people contribute to the Red Cross to help in their life-saving work. Now, it seems that the organization that works to save lives is also working to damn souls.

It’s fortunate that the Red Cross is very scrupulous about using earmarked contributions only for the purpose they are given. However, one never knows when that will change. I have made it a practice some time ago never to give to the Red Cross except when the money is earmarked, and I don’t think I’ve even given to the Red Cross at all in recent years. The reason for this is that some of their literature supports condom use to prevent the spread of HIV, which is immoral. After seeing this, I doubt I will ever be able to contribute another dime to them for any reason. I am very grateful that my parish’s collection for tsunami relief went to Catholic Relief Services instead of the Red Cross.

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