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Hope You Had a Merry Christmas

  /   Wednesday December 28, 2005  

It has gotten harder these days to find time to blog, but I am still here and will still try to keep it up. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I had a great one. My sister, who is a medical resident, made it home. We were all at my parents’ house. I think I ate too much. In fact, the whole trip seemed like one continuous 48-hour meal. It was good, though, but I hope I will still fit in the clothes my family got me for Christmas.

I managed to get some visiting in with the grandparents as well. They seem to be doing quite well. I got the Midway Arcade Extended Play game for my Playstation Portable. I gave a lot of gift certificates. I’m not cheap, but I’m kind of lazy. I did manage to get my Dad an upgrade to his Adobe Photoshop Elements and a book and candle for my grandmother.

I went to Midnight Mass this year. Fortunately, I saw none of this stuff. The new pastor there is great. They even brought back the ringing of the bells at the consecration, which I had never seen in my home parish before.

Well, I hope to do some more blogging later. I’ve got to get ready for work this morning. It’s a busy week with the end of the year and the days off we are getting for Christmas and New Year’s.

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