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Medicare Part D

  /   Friday January 13, 2006  

I went to pick up a prescription a few days ago, and I asked the pharmacist (who knows that I am a pharmacist) “Can you tell me about all the Medicare Part D plans you accept?” She laughed. The government has finally gotten into the business of providing health insurance for the seniors, but they made everything so darn complicated that it is confusing everyone to death.

Some people stopped getting Medicaid coverage for drugs since Medicare was going to take over. Well, now they’ve had to authorize some prescriptions because the plans are causing problems. Different plans run by different private companies support different pharmacies and pay for different drugs. This can be very confusion in an already confusing issue. Also, they have found a new way not to pay for medicine called a “doughnut hole.” I feel badly for my colleages who have to explain this to patients. After a certain amount of coverage, the patients have to pay for all prescriptions until they’ve spent a certain amount. It’s crazy.

Well, I hope this prompts our Congressmen to pass something better.

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