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  /   Saturday March 04, 2006  

As I prepare my collection envelopes, I see that there is a second collection for the Black and Indian Missions. On Ash Wednesday, there is a collection for the Church in Latin America. They both sound like important causes, but what are they doing with the money?

The second collections seem to pop up with no advance warning other than the envelope in my envelope set. There is little, if any, concrete information as to what is actually done with the money. I want to give as much as I can to help the truly needy. However, I have a problem with giving money to do little more than pay some bureaucrat at a USCCB office.

For example, one second collection that I recall seeing is the Catholic Communications Campaign. It has been rare that I have seen something that was marked as having been sponsored by that campaign. Just what are they communicating, and to whom are they communicating it. I would at least expect to hear something on the radio or see it on television. Another collection, namely the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, has been rumored to give money to pro-abortion causes.

Given that I don’t know how much good these collections are doing people, I won’t take a chance on giving to something that has been rumored to support abortion “rights.” There are plenty of good, pro-life causes (like Birthright) to give money to. I want to give to those who help others, especially those who bring the good news of Christ and His Church to others. In so doing, I want to make sure that I’m putting the money I give where it will do the most possible good. Paying bureaucrats and possibly pro-abortion organizations just won’t cut it.

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