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  /   Wednesday April 19, 2006  

Last night, I was looking around Barnes and Noble for some books to help me research and learn the actual facts that are distorted by the Da Vinci Code. I didn’t find what I wanted, and I bought some stuff I didn’t intend to buy. It looks like it’s good stuff, though.

However, I couldn’t help but notice a shelf full of Gnostic gospels, books on the “cover-up” by the Church on St. Mary Magdalene, and other strange ideas. Of course, there were plenty of copies of Holy Blood, Holy Grail lying around as well. I’d probably have to devote years to reading all of this stuff if I were really interested.

However, I’m not interested. In fact, I can’t understand why anyone would be. I find it hard to believe that anyone can rationally believe that the Church has covered up facts about St. Mary Magdalene. She hasn’t been so good at covering up history as far as I can tell. Further, the whole idea of there being this “secret knowledge” available to only a few smacks of some kind of brainwashing technique.

The thing that puzzles me most is the feminist interest in the Gospel of Thomas. Supposedly, it has Jesus saying that a woman is saved by being changed into a man. Then again, that’s pretty much what feminists try to do. They are the enemy of authentic femininity. I think I’ll just stick with the Church’s understanding that man and woman are both equal in dignity and created in the image and likeness of God, but they are both unique. A woman shouldn’t have to change into a man, but she should be respected, no, revered, as she is. Besides, they are much better looking than men.

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