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Lifting the Statute of Limitations

  /   Monday May 08, 2006  

I just read this perspective on the effects that lifting the statute of limitations on lawsuits for people abused by priests (let’s face it, the target is the Church) will have on parishoners and the community as a whole. One thing that seems to have been quickly forgotten is that the Church remains where others have left. Should they be taken away for the benefit of greedy lawyers and supposed victims? I say “supposed” because there are bound to be false accusations. My favorite line is, regarding having Churches in a city close, “Catholics will be left to worship almost exclusively in the beige, bongo-filled barns that increasingly dot the suburban landscape.”

Seriously, though, the settlements will likely result in the loss of these treasures to all parishoners, not just to those who are guilty. The vast majority of priests and parishoners aren’t guilty. Why should they be punished? Why should the poor who are served by the Church be punished? Then again, I suspect the people making money off the lawsuits just don’t care.

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