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  /   Saturday May 13, 2006  

I heard about the “Other-cott” on Catholic Exchange today. The idea is that the best way to fight against the blasphemy of the Da Vinci Code is to go see another movie. They recommend Over the Hedge just because it is a more family-friendly movie. Some may see this as some kind of conflict of interest, but I think that giving an alternative suggestion is going to make the plan more effective. There will always be people like me who don’t follow movies much who won’t know of anything else to see.

I went to a wedding last night, and on my way in I saw a protest rally that was being organized. While I agree that we need to do something about this movie, I think the “Other-cott” is a better solution. Money-driven businesses will pay more attention to a competitor who is taking a bite out of their sales. The protest flyer says to bring a Rosary. Well, I’ll pray the Rosary, but I think I’ll do this in the Blessed Sacrament chapel where Christ is truly present in the Holy Eucharist.

Of course, this also gives us an opportunity to get the real truth out about Jesus Christ to those who will listen. Let’s do it. I think this can be done well by educating ourselves about the lies of the book and movie and speaking to others about them when the opportunity arises.

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