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  /   Saturday May 20, 2006  

I occasionally buy courses from The Teaching Company. They have great lecturers, but some of their philosophy and religion courses don’t exactly appear to be conducive to faith. They feature a professor named Bart Ehrman who seems to put the Gnostic writers on an equal footing with orthodox Christianity.

However, if you are looking for something to listen to to debunk myths of the Da Vinci Code, they have offered two free lectures by Ehrman. Much of what is in here appears accurate. The only flaw that I find is that he states that there has been developed “rigorous criteria” for scholars to determine what the “historical Jesus” really said and did because the Gospel writers weren’t objective. They had, according to Ehrman, a “theological agenda.” However, other than that, you can find some great explanations of how the ideas that Constantine influenced Christianity and that Jesus was married to Mary Magdelene are not true.

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