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  /   Sunday June 04, 2006  

I’m on some kind of roll today. I’m hoping to also get a podcast posted soon about how the Church has indeed been attentive to the Holy Spirit. Maybe the fire of Pentecost is somehow getting to me in this way.

I think next time I go to a presentation where the speaker mentions the “seamless garment” theory, I’ll ask where in the Cathechism it can be found. Well, really, it isn’t anywhere in the Catechism. Now, before I say anything else, I do want to mention that this term gets used in ways that are perfectly legitimate. However, the origin of the theory and how it was initiall presented has some problems.

Certainly, the Church supports living wage, affordable housing, etc. Certainly, the use of the death penalty should be limited to where it is strictly necessary (which is quite likely never, especially in a developed nation). Certainly we can work to change many of the conditions that contributed to women having abortions and reach out to those who have fallen into the hands of an abortionist. However, all of these rights have as their foundation the right to be born. Without this, it’s kind of silly to argue about what kind of housing the people should have. After all, in this case, one is holding the view that some don’t have the right to live.

By the way, here is an article by Charles Rice that tells of the origins and the problems with the “seamless garment.”

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