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New Translation Approved

  /   Friday June 16, 2006  

Finally, it appears that the U.S. Bishops have approved a new translation of the Liturgy that was long overdue. Pretty soon, we’ll be saying “and with your Spirit” instead of “and also with you.” Well, at least I hope we will.

Of course, we aren’t out of the water yet. It’s hard to say what adaptations the Bishops have proposed. Also, it may take a couple of years to get the translation into effect. Finally, there will no doubt be many nay-sayers among the clergy and the “experts” that may affect the attitude of the average person in the pew. Those of us who understand the reasons for the change need to get the word out to everyone before those guys ruin it for them.

Hopefully, the Vatican will have a line-item veto. For example, I would not want to see “Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.” as an option. It’s not in the original Latin, and it has the potential to confuse people when we are addressing someone who is now present on the altar in the third person. The other memorial acclamations don’t do this. I’m also hoping for some strong statements against changing the approved text for “inclusive language” purposes. With the proper approval, it will be a dramatic improvement in our worship of the living God.

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