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  /   Thursday August 03, 2006  

I guess you’ve heard that I’m playing with Macs now. I plan to do my audio stuff on Mac this year. To accomplish this, I found a great deal on a MacBook Pro at CompUSA. Unfortunately, the first one I got kept crashing every time I used the wireless. I called AppleCare, and they made me an appointment at the Apple Store. They offered to repair it, but I explained that I had just bought this two days ago. The guy got the manager, and they replaced the notebook. It did take some time, but hey, it appears that I have a working unit now. I’m blogging from it now.

These days it’s hard to get any kind of service. At least Apple provides a place to go for questions. Besides, I’m not supporting Bill Gates’ and his reported contributions to organizations that I don’t particularly care for. Granted, I don’t know if Jobs is any better, but neither have I heard that he supports “population control” measures.

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