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Nonprescription Abortifacient

  /   Friday August 25, 2006  

This may be old news for some of you, but the FDA approved the sale of Plan B without a prescription. I was hoping I’d never see this as I can think of several reasons why this shouldn’t be. You can find them in this letter that I wrote. They are planning to make these available behind the pharmacy counter so that people can ask a pharmacist for them. This means that someone at the pharmacy has to be involved in the act, which is going to impute at least some of the guilt of the act to them.

This gives people just one more way to send themselves to Hell. This must be overturned. What really makes me sick is the chair of Barr who says he wants this available without a prescription to younger teens. I pray for his conversion. Teenagers can be reckless enough without this kind of help, and so can some older people.

The bottom line is that this drug shouldn’t be available at all. It is an abortifacient. Once can’t simply declare it otherwise by changing a personal definition of pregnancy.

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