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  /   Wednesday October 25, 2006  

It appears that Michael J. Fox is recording misleading ads like this one all over the country. Other articles have quoted him saying he is a “single-issue” voter. One wonders if he is really thinking about what he is saying. I hope not.

First off, it appears that he things that embryonic stem cell research is his only hope for a cure for his condition. This simply isn’t true. Even candidates who oppose embryonic stem cell research typically support adult stem cell research that does not involve destroying human embryos. Other forms of biotechnology also exist that have been used to produce medications. In fact, I work for a company that dispenses those kinds of medications.

Second, even if the research he advocates is his only hope, does he have the right to kill another innocent human being to obtain it? No, he does not. I don’t know if he realizes the problem. He is making his sole issue the right to kill a human being in an early stage of life and to obtain government funding to do so.

Another thing that is of interest is the fact that embryonic stem cell research is legal. It shouldn’t be, but it is. The questions on the ballots today refer strictly to government funding. Apparently, people can’t get private funding for it, so they are trying to use our tax dollars for it.

Some people point out, and rightly so, that if embryonic stem cells were used on Michael J. Fox as we know them now, they will almost certainly kill him. Only adult stem cells have been used successfully. However, I would be careful about using this as an argument against funding of the research. People could easily turn around and use this as a reason why more research is needed. After all, we don’t have a cure yet, but someone thinks it’s promising. Therefore, more research is needed to find the cure. If enough research is done, it’s possible that a medical breakthrough will result.

However, that breakthrough will be the result of the immoral destruction of human life. This is the real problem with embryonic stem cell research. We are killing a helpless, innocent human being for the sake of another. It is immoral to do evil so that good may come out of it. A medical breakthrough with embryonic stem cells may cut off the development of other, morally-acceptable means to the same end. We cannot afford to have our tax dollars used for this.

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