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  /   Sunday November 26, 2006  

I need to update this blog more. I am really falling behind. I think of a few things I can write, but I just never get them into the computer. I’m sitting at a local sandwich shop. It’s nice but really noisy. For some reason, I can get more things done on the computer in these places than at home.

I had a good Thanksgiving. It was a small celebration with just my parents, aunt, and grandmother. My sister had to work. She had a pretty rough day from what I heard from her.

I spent most of the day reading about Catholic Social Teaching for a talk I have to give for the RCIA this Thursday. I must get an outline done soon so that I can have our director read over it. The two books I used were Citizens of the Heavenly City (which was written at the request of Archbishop Burke) and an Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching from Ignatius Press that I can not find on their web site. They both feature quotes from the recent papal encyclicals starting with Rerum Novarum, and I’m quite amazed at how much they have spoken in favor of private initiative.

Well, it’s time for me to go back home now.

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